Music Top 10: March

This month has been so crazy for so many reasons, and I can’t believe that it’s April already! So with another month, comes another of my music top 10s. Music is a massive part of my life and I love looking back at everything I’ve been listening to for the past month.

1. Marks To Prove It by The Maccabees

I’m obsessed with this. The Maccabees are a fantastic band, but this song is something else. It’s so catchy and the video is quite cool, if a bit trippy. Gold star.

2. Carter & Cash by Tor Miller

I found this through the Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify, which I highly recommend checking out if you have a profile there. It’s such an upbeat, cheerful song, and the singer reminds me of Elvis, which is kind of weird and cool at the same time. I really love this.

3. Vertigo (feat. Alex Turner) by Mini Mansions

Okay lets be real here, I found this song because of Alex Turner. Aka the frontman of Arctic Monkeys. But I stayed for Mini Mansions, because I actually prefer their bit over Alex’s bit (although his bit is really good as well…) They have an interesting sound, which I’m into. I’ll definitely be checking out their other stuff, but in the meantime this song is great. I wouldn’t watch this video if you’re at work though, it does contain a fair bit of nudity.

4. Pillowtalk by Zayn

I can’t believe this has made it into my top ten this month, and so high as well. I don’t normally listen to chart music, but I actually listened to it out of curiosity after seeing a lot of people talking about it and ended up liking it. I’ve always said I like a wide range of music, but a tiny part of me is hiding her face in shame. No regrets though.

5. Work by Rihanna

Basically everything I said about the last song applies for this as well. I’d never even heard the song until I watched the Brit Awards and heard her performing it live. I haven’t got a clue what she says for most of the song, but it’s unbearably catchy. Also though, Drake’s lyrics are well, interesting… If you had a twin I would still choose you? What does that even mean?!

6. You Cannot Call For Love Like A Dog by Holy Holy

And almost as if numbers 4 and 5 didn’t happen, we’re back to my usual taste in music. This song I think I found through Discover Weekly as well, which really is a goldmine of good music. I feel like this song has the perfect mixture of a chill atmosphere, whilst also being sing-along worthy.

7. Lover Come Back by City And Colour

I’ve loved City And Colour for many years, but kind of fell out the loop after The Hurry and the Harm, which I didn’t really get on with as much as the previous albums. I clicked on his profile on Spotify almost by chance, I had no idea there was a new album. Lover Come Back reminds me of why I loved him so much in the first place, and I would highly recommend.

8. Sharpness by Jamie Woon

This song has such a great atmosphere. I can imagine listening to it on a chill summer night sitting in the garden. If I could actually do that more than two days a year in Scotland. I find Jamie Woon’s music really relaxing, with just the right amount of almost-electronicness to keep it fresh and interesting.

9. White Light by Shura

This song is so catchy and I can’t stop wanting to dance when I listen to it! It sounds vaguely old school, and maybe that’s why I love it so much. Highly recommend.

10. Fineshrine by Purity Ring

This is a really recent discovery of mine, and I can understand why it might not be everyone’s cup of tea but if you like sort of electro-pop you might get on with this. I keep finding myself singing it whilst i’m going about my day. It’s definitely a song that sticks with you. And again, it’s quite trippy. Which seems to be a recurring theme in this month’s music.

So I can’t believe that’s another music top 10 finished! I’m really impressed with myself for managing to keep them relatively different as I am a total serial repeater of songs for months on end. I’m always interested in new music so if there’s anything you think I might like, send it my way!

And as usual, if you want to check out what i’m listening to on a more regular basis, you can follow me here for, and here for Spotify.

Until next month!


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