Music Top 10: April

It’s my favourite time again, the time where I get to share which tracks I’ve really been loving this month! I look at music like an audio diary, because different music reminds me of different times in my life, which I think is pretty cool. But without rambling like usual, i’m just going to get into it.

1. Chateau Lobby #4 (In C For Two Virgins) by Father John Misty

I am obsessed with this song. I’ve been a massive Fleet Foxes fan for the longest time, and when J Tillman broke off to become Father John Misty, I was on board. It’s from his newest album I Love You, Honeybear which is fantastic, but this song is by far my favourite. The amount of times reckons i’ve listened to this song (26)  is nowhere near accurate, as it’s been on repeat on Spotify from my phone, which doesn’t recognise. That’s how much I love it. Definitely give this one, and the entire album a listen. Also if you’re interested here’s a pretty cool article about Father John Misty himself.

2. White Light by Shura

In true Emma fashion, I wrote about this song last month, but it’s gone from number 9 to number 2. I just love how retro it feels, and it’s SO catchy. You can read more about what I wrote last month here, although admittedly it’s basically the same thing.

3. Classic (featuring Powers) by The Knocks

This song sounds like a summer party, which is the best way I can think of to describe it. It’s instantly memorable. “The way your eyes met mine sweet, like apple pie.” I can imagine this getting even more plays when (more like if) Scotland ever gets some sunshine!

4. Daffodils (featuring Kevin Parker) by Mark Ronson

Yep, as in Kevin Parker from Tame Impala. The electronic vibes mixed with Parker’s vocals are honestly fantastic. Why Uptown Funk was the big single and not this, I have no idea. MASSIVE fan of this song. Also, Foals covered this song which is also fantastic so i’m linking it down below despite the fact it’s not in my top 10 and it’s kind of cheating. Whatever.

(wait until you see the pattern in these next songs…)

5. Empty Threat by CHVRCHES

6. Never Ending Circles by CHVRCHES

7. Leave a Trace by CHVRCHES

Okay so I’m going to talk about 5,6 and 7 together because as you can tell, i’ve been listening to a lot of CHVRCHES this past month. I love all their music, but i’ve really been listening to a lot of their newest album Every Open Eye, which if you haven’t listened to yet you really need to get on it. I went to see them last November, and they were SO good. I always love watching Scottish bands because you can really tell how much they appreciate being back in Scottish crowds (which are always crazy). I’ve gone to gigs in England and they just don’t have the atmosphere that they do up here. Also, you know it’s a great gig when they start making jokes about the insane seagull problem and Greggs pastries. All three songs are upbeat and ridiculously catchy, and you’d be silly not to give them a spin.

8. Stay In My Corner by The Arcs

A lot of my music taste this month has been pretty upbeat, but this song’s been my staple chill for the month. The Arcs are Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys’ side project, but honestly as a casual fan of The Black Keys, I think I actually prefer The Arcs. It’s got a crooning, almost soulful vibe to it, which is something I don’t listen to that much of, so it’s great to have a bit of change. Highly recommend.

9. Change of Coast by Neon Indian

And with that last song, we’re right back to the upbeat electronicy vibes i’ve clearly been loving this last month. This is actually the third Neon Indian song to feature in my music top 10s since I started them in January, and it’s actually on the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack, but if you’re a fan of the games like me, I think it has more of a Vice City vibe. quite retro, kinda 80s-ish.

10. Trip Switch by Nothing But Thieves

And to keep things interesting, this song is absolutely nothing like any of the others. If you haven’t heard Nothing But Thieves before, they remind me a lot of Royal Blood, if you like that kind of music. I’ve spoken about Itch before, but honestly I love this one maybe more. I often don’t talk about lyrics because quite honestly i’m not always sure what they’re saying depending on their singing style, but this is great. The band themselves described this song as a “social comment” which I thought was pretty spot on. Give it a listen and decide for yourselves.

Well that brings an end to my monthly music round up, as I said before; I really enjoy doing these because it’s something I can look back on and rediscover music I’ve been loving in the past which maybe i’ve been neglecting to listen to a bit. Clearly this month i’ve been going for a more electronic vibe than usual.

I add new music to my most recent playlists all the time on Spotify, you can follow me there if you want to be kept updated! I also sync everything I listen to on Last.Fm as well, so you can check that out if you want to see what i’ve actually been listening to!

Until next month!


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