My Top 20 Favourite Songs: Part One

Since I’m always talking about music on my blog I thought today I would do a ‘top 20 favourite songs’ post, because I couldn’t pick just 10 and honestly I struggled even with 20. I constantly listen to music, and I’m always discovering more favourites, but these are some that have stuck with me for years, so I felt that they deserved a mention at least somewhere on my small piece of the internet! Also, these are in no order whatsoever. So without further ado, a small portion of my favourite songs!

1. Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division

You might remember this from my three favourites post, but chances are you already know this song, because it’s an absolute classic. Not much to say about this one, except that it’s the right amount of grunge and the right amount of indie rolled into one. Great.

2. Munich – Editors

If you’d asked me from the ages of 14-19 what my favourite song was, I would have said this with absolutely no hesitation. Now, as you can see, i’ve amassed my collection of favourite songs, but this has always remained one of my absolute favourite. “People are fragile things you should know by now, be careful what you put them through” – What a lyric. I also wrote about this in my three favourites post, link above.

3. Roslyn – Bon Iver

I’m always a bit hesitant of posting this song, although it is one of my all time favourites, and I could never get sick of it, because yes, it’s off the New Moon OST. The films might be dodgy but the soundtracks to the Twilight Saga are amazing, there’s no doubting that. Roslyn is so peaceful, and it’s just a beautiful song. I LOVE Bon Iver, but the addition of St Vincent just makes it even better. I could have included most of Bon Iver’s discography in this favourites list but having to pick my ultimate favourite, it would definitely be this one.

4. No Light, No Light – Florence And The Machine

Florence And The Machine are one of my favourite bands, and this song is just so good. Do you want a slightly cringeworthy story that goes along with this? I used to be totally obsessed with Thor and The Avengers (just Marvel films in general really) and one day I read someone saying that this was a perfect song for Loki (again, slightly too obsessed with Tom Hiddleston for a 17/18 year old..) and after that I gave it a proper listen and completely fell in love with it. My love for Marvel has faded into a semblance of normality, but my love for this song definitely has not.

5. Mykonos (Alternative Version) – Fleet Foxes

This is the alternative version of Mykonos, which is slightly different as this version has the lyrics “loving everybody who doesn’t know a thing about you” which is mostly the entire reason why I prefer this version, I just think that’s a fantastic lyric. The original version is also amazing, don’t get me wrong, but I tend to listen to this one more. Again, Fleet Foxes are another one of my favourite bands, and SO many of their songs are great, they’re really worth a listen. They have such a chill, old school folk vibe that makes them easy to listen to.

6. Head Over Heels – Tears For Fears

I am in the business of being completely honest on this blog, so i’m going to be honest here. My love for this song began with my love for Donnie Darko. Which became my favourite film very quickly, and i’ve watched it so many times I think I learned all the words to this song before I’d even downloaded the soundtrack. Anyone who knows me in person knows two of my favourite things are 80s music and Donnie Darko, so this song was a perfect fit. It’s pretty typical for the era, and for me it’s the right balance between those vocals and the more upbeat music, although I wouldn’t describe this as upbeat. It’s hard for me to explain to be honest. But I instantly loved it from the beginning of the track, and it’s been with me since.

7. Crack The Shutters – Snow Patrol

I know a lot of people think Chasing Cars and Run when they think of Snow Patrol, but as probably my all time favourite band, they’re so much more than that. Crack The Shutters is upbeat and catchy, without losing the heartfelt great quality lyrics that I’ve come to know Snow Patrol by. I think I played this CD on repeat for months and months after receiving it. Yes- it was released in 2008, I still bought physical copies of CDs then.

8. Carousel – Paper Route

This is a beautiful song. I saw Paper Route live when they supported Paramore in 2009, and after the gig I went home and listened to their album, and this song really stuck out to me. You’ll be singing the chorus after listening to this, I promise.

9. Yolanda – Thumpers

For a start, i’m sorry because this song feels like gold dust on youtube, and this is the only version I could find. But if you get the chance, listen to the studio version of this. Both vocals are amazing, and it’s a beautiful, if under-appreciated song.

10. Skeleton Boy – Friendly Fires

As I mentioned in my three favourites post (which I linked under the first song) Friendly Fires are one of my favourite bands, and this is the song that kicked it all off for me. I found it weird to start off with, but as a lover of all things weird, I kept listening to it and well, here we are. Also the video for this song is really cool, making the band look like skeletons, but the quality of the official video on Youtube was weird, so I’ve stuck with some artwork, sorry about that.

Because this post was really super long, i’m splitting it into two parts! The second part of my top 20 favourite songs will be published on Thursday, so look out for that!


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