My Top 20 Favourite Songs: Part Two

This is a continuation from Monday’s post, which if you haven’t seen yet, you should check it out.

11. Electric Feel – MGMT

I don’t feel like this song needs that much of an introduction, because I honestly don’t know anyone who doesn’t know this song already. It’s hippy as hell and i’m so into it. I remember the very first time I listened to this song (whilst writing an English essay waaaay back in 2007) and since then it’s always been in my top 25 most played songs.

12. Devotee – Thumpers

Thumpers are the only band to get two of their songs on this list, because I love them both so much that I couldn’t pick between them. Without sounding too dramatic, this song is everything to me. Also, I was so excited when I realised Jena Malone was on this track (another not so subtle Donnie Darko reference- I told you I was obsessed). Thumpers do not receive enough credit for how fantastic they are, so go give them a listen.

13. Autumn Tree – Milo Greene

This song gives me shivers that’s how beautiful it is. Especially the live version, which is the one i’ve linked above. Want another cringeworthy story to go along with how I found this song? I was watching a Nickelodeon movie about Halloween called Fun Size; despite being far too old… And i’m pretty sure they played this in some heartfelt moment (maybe not, it’s been years since I watched it). But this song was so beautiful that it really stuck with me and I immediately had to find out what it was. All of Milo Greene’s music is beautiful to be honest, I would highly recommend giving it a listen.

14. Spiralling – Keane

When you think Keane, you think slightly depressing, Everybody’s Changing style music. Not electro-indie retro 80s feeling music. Which is exactly what Spiralling is. I used to LOVE this, and forgot about it for ages until rediscovering it on an old playlist and I can’t imagine why I ever stopped listening to it. It’s quite a step away from what Keane’s other music sounded like at the time if you’ve never heard it but are familiar with Nothing in My Way and Everybody’s Changing etc, but I just love this so much.

15. Machu Picchu – The Strokes

The Strokes are iconic. Julian Casablancas is ridiculously cool, and years later I am still in awe of it all. Like a lot of my favourite songs, it’s got a retro vibe to it, which as you can tell, i’m into. I’ve always loved the lyrics to this as well, “I’m just trying to find, a mountain I can climb.” Yes.

16. Dig – Incubus

Incubus are a fantastic band! An old friend introduced me to a few of their songs a really long time ago, and this one quickly became one of my favourite songs ever. It’s really catchy, but the lyrics are really what makes the song for me. “If I turn into another, dig me up from under what is covering the better part of me. Sing this song, remind me that we’ll always have each other, when everything else is gone.” This is one of the few songs that survived after the period when I used to listen to a lot of rock and metal music, although that’s not really how I would describe the genre of this song.

17. Change In The House of Flies (Acoustic Version) – Deftones

I understand that Deftones are not for everyone. They’re quite alternative/metal, but like I said in the last song, I used to be semi into metal music, and Deftones are a band I really do love. But I admit they are quite weird. Saying that, Chino Moreno’s voice is amazing and you can really tell by listening to the perfectness of the acoustic version of this song. The original version is also great, but definitely much more metal. If you’re into that, give that a listen too, but if not, this version is (in my opinion) better anyway.

18. Too Shy – Kajagoogoo

I had absolutely no qualms about adding this to my list. You might think i’m weird with this strange spread of music, but as I’ve already said, I love 80s music. This is my favourite song released in the 80s and I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t like it. That voice, that music! Haircuts and fashion choices, less so. Massive fan.

19. The Killing Moon – Echo And The Bunnymen

This is the last reference i’ll make to Donnie Darko, I promise. Another song I discovered from the film. It’s dark and mysterious and honestly quite heartbreaking. It’s a truly beautiful song.

20. Mirror’s Image – The Horrors

Last but definitely not least is this quite nu-wave sounding number from The Horrors. I don’t know whether I love the song, the name, or the band name more to be honest. His voice has that quality that reminds me a bit of Joy Division, which is maybe why I enjoy this so much. Also the keyboards on this song are fantastic, which is probably a weird thing to single out. My only irk is that watching the video for this gave me a sore head. But swings and roundabouts, you don’t usually watch the music video when you’re listening to a song anyway. Love it.

So that is all for my top 20 favourite songs! I definitely have way more than 20, and I know as soon as I publish this post i’m going to kick myself because there’s far more that I’ve missed out that I could have added. But this is already ridiculously long and i’ve just covered a fair amount of genres so I think i’ll stop there. I do have a favourites playlist on Spotify though that you could check out if you’re interested!

Let me know what your favourite songs are! And if you too love any of the songs i’ve mentioned either in this post or my last one.


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