Music Top 10: July

I can’t quite believe that it’s already August. It seems like i’ve blinked and over half the year’s gone already. I deviated away from my normal routine last month, but i’m back on it for July’s top 10.

1. Fourth of July by Sufjan Stevens

A repeat, I know, but I don’t think I can adequately describe how beautiful this song is It’s heartbreaking, but very serene to listen to. I listened to this on repeat pretty much non-stop for days at a time, so I’m unsurprised this made the top spot.

2. New Person, Same Old Mistakes by Tame Impala

Again another repeat, but I just love this song. I’m still not over the fact that whilst trying to find this on youtube I got rick rolled. Yes, rick rolled. In 2016. I’m equal parts horrified and amused.

Tame Impala’s lyrics are amazing and their music is so unique, i’d recommend them to everyone. I can’t get enough of them.

3. Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots

I’m not actually sure how this happened. I know they’re hugely popular, but I’ve never really been that big into their music. This was on a playlist at my work, and I kept singing it even when it wasn’t on, so I figured i’d just download it. And here we are, at number 3. I’m not huge on the “rapping” bits, but the singing bit is pretty catchy.

4. Airfield by Javelin

Again I raved about this last month, but it’s just so catchy! Especially that park and ride line, but maybe that’s just because I live by a park and ride.

I know summer is dwindling now, but this still makes me feel like it’s sunny outside and that’s all that matters.

5. Rising Water by James Vincent McMorrow

I absolutely love James Vincent McMorrow’s music. I’m not sure if i’ve actually spoken about it on this blog or not, but a lot of his songs are up there with my favourites. I don’t think I included any in my top 20 favourite songs, but I probably have about 70 favourite songs if I was to write them all down. I’m digressing, but this song is making me SO EXCITED for his new album. I’m so in love with this. It’s somewhat different to his older music, but in a really good way.

Because you make me feel alive, in spite of rising water.

6. Gibraltar by Beirut

Another super summery feeling song. I haven’t got a clue what he’s saying throughout the song so I can’t comment on the lyrics without having to look them up, but it’s got such a chill but also upbeat feel to it that it doesn’t really matter because the sound of the lyrics fit perfectly. If that makes sense at all, who even knows what I mean by this point.

7. Shaky Ground by Freedom Fry

na na na HEY HEY

That video is the song in English first, then French after it. How cool is that? I first heard this song because one of the Youtubers I watch (simply_kenna) is in the music video. It’s a little bit repetitive, but I don’t mind because I love singing along with it so it just means I get to sing along more because there’s not that many lyrics to remember.

8. Cool Blue by The Japanese House

This is another absolutely beautiful song. More upbeat than Fourth of July, but it still has that almost melancholy feel to it. Definitely one of my favourites over the past month.

9. Fever by The Black Keys

I love this song, but the video’s visuals are much more likely to cause a seizure than a fever. I could feel a headache coming on after watching it for about 30 seconds.

The Black Keys are consistently amazing though, I love Dan Auerbach’s vocals, as can be seen in other posts where I gush about my love for The Arcs. This song is fantastic.

10. Only You by The Bohicas

This is quite similar to The Black Keys to be honest. Quite rocky, but accessible, indie/chart like. Big fan of this one.

If I have only one weakness it’s you.

I know I have a few repeats this month, but last month I cheated and didn’t put down the top 10 listened to, so it was bound to happen. I also think I may be getting worse and worse at trying to describe what I feel like when I listen to various songs. But hopefully sharing the songs is enough to give the vague idea of what I mean.

As usual you can check me out on Spotify and, the links are on the right hand side under my picture now, because I got a new theme and well, technology.

Until next time!


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