Music Top 10: August

It’s September, which means it’s time for another music post. And it also means that it’s autumn now, which is very exciting!

This month it was my birthday and I was on holiday for a bit of it, paired with working almost full time so I haven’t really had a chance to listen to much music, unfortunately.

1. Shining Path by Drones Club

I actually made this my favourite song right now on my blog (which is under the music tab if you’re interested) because i’ve been SO obsessed with it this month.

It’s a bit of a weird one (and an even weirder video) but I have been in love with it. It’s quite electonicy, but I honestly can’t explain this one.

2. Chateau Lobby #4 by Father John Misty

I’m sorry, I honestly think i’ve had this song super high in every single one of my music top 10 posts for months. MONTHS.

Surely that’s a testament to how great this song is. I could listen to it all day every day and still not be bored of it.

3. I’m In Control by AlunaGeorge (ft. Popcaan)

Skip to 0:35 for the start of the song.

I used to love AlunaGeorge’s song Attracting Flies, but I haven’t really listened to them in years. Not normally one for chart music but this is pretty catchy.

4. The Less I Know The Better by Tame Impala

*Video is kinda nsfw*

Another serial repeater, and i’m not even sorry about it.

I am so into Tame Impala, and this song is definitely my favourite. The lyrics are both funny and relevant, and Trevor in the video is a gorilla, so that’s great.

Highly recommend both this song and all their other ones.

5. Trespassing by Strange Names

*Video is vaguely nsfw, more on the kinda weird side/sexual themes.*

Strange Names are my one of my newest finds, and i’m so excited to have discovered them, because their music is great.

It’s quite indie pop, super catchy and upbeat.

6. Used To by Mutemath

Not really sure how to describe this, but get a good sound system and give it a listen because it’s so much better that way.

Basically; great song, great lyrics.

7. Dance 4 Sorrow by Francis Lung

This is another obscenely catchy song of the indie pop genre. Not much else to say here, but it’s a good listen.

8. I Can’t Control Myself by Strange Names

From the same band as I mentioned up at number 5, Strange Names.

Same kind of theme to this song, without being boring and all sounding the same, which can happen a lot in that genre.

I really love this, highly recommend.

9. Lust by VYNCE

Another band i’ve been enjoying recently is VYNCE. I actually prefer one of their other songs, Taste to this one, but apparently i’ve listened to this one more.

It’s pretty standard indie music to be honest. If you’re interested in hearing Taste, i’ve popped it below (although that’s kinda cheating).

10. New Song by Warpaint

If you’ve ever listened to Warpaint’s music before, this is very unlike their previous stuff. They have this amazing haunting quality which comes through on this song still, but it’s a much more pop influenced, upbeat song than their old music.

Also, they called their new song “New Song” which I found quite funny. It did make it  easy to remember when I was looking it up though.

For next month my goal is to try and not have Chateau Lobby #4 on my list, but i’m making no promises.


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