Flying Vinyl: February 2017

At the end of January I signed up to a new subscription service, called Flying Vinyl. Founded in 2015 by Craig Evans, the service sends you five exclusive 7″ vinyls from underground indie, alternative and rock artists. Each box costs £20 with free shipping, and includes at least one coloured vinyl and a book which tells you all about each artist.

My favourite thing about music is finding new bands I’ve never heard of before, I love the variety of music available out there and Flying Vinyl basically does all the hard work for me by sending various different bands. Some of them I’ve heard of, and some of them I haven’t- it’s all part of the fun seeing who you’re getting. Normally I’m not into surprises, but this is one surprise I can definitely get behind.
1. Martin Luke Brown
Side A: Shadow & Light | Side B: 65 Roses
Martin Luke Brown is a Leicester born singer-songwriter, and describes himself as a “gritty souly hippie boy.” His music combines beautiful vocals with soft instrumentation. 65 Roses was written as a tribute to his girlfriend who sadly passed away from Cystic Fibrosis. Brown has worked with many charities and campaigns to raise awareness of Cystic Fibrosis, which can be seen in the music video.
Prior to receiving this vinyl in the mail, I was already familiar with Martin Luke Brown after hearing his song ‘Take Out Of Me’, which I would highly recommend. It’s very chill, easy listening and he really does have a beautiful voice.
If you like Martin Luke Brown, you might also like: James Vincent McMorrow
2. Sports

Side A: Manicure | Side B: Whatever You Want
Sports hail from Oklahoma, and describe themselves as a “band of wizards.” Their music is 80s influenced, and heavy on the synth.
Their website states that their latest release, People Can’t Stop Chillin, is “pure magic that insists you take a cruise in your uncle’s convertible at dusk with nothing more than enchanting melodies and crisp wind within your hair to keep you company.”
I’m not sure how true that is, but I am a big fan of both the songs on this record. So much so that I listened to the rest of their music and fell in love with their song ‘Panama.’ Very summery vibes, which are definitely welcome despite the fact it’s about 7 degrees outside and only March.
If you like Sports, you might also like: Willie J Healey, Kavinsky 
3. Cosmo Pyke
Side A: Chronic Sunshine | Side B: Social Sites
Cosmo Pike, a Brit School graduate is a South-east London native. At only 18-years-old, he has already been signed by Select Models, opened for Rat Boy and JAWS, appeared on DIY’s Hello 2017 series and been selected to appear in Frank Ocean’s Nikes video. His music is soulful and jazzy, and influenced by his daily life.
As a fan of both Rat Boy and JAWS, I was excited to hear Cosmo Pyke if they were choosing him to open for them. Like the previous two vinyls mentioned, the music is very chill and easy to listen to. I particularly love his style, and I’ll definitely be checking out more of his music in the future.
If you like Cosmo Pike, you might also like: Sweat, Yowl.
4. Crosa Rosa
Side A: Like A Lady | Side B: Wear My Heart
Crosa Rosa are a three piece alternative band, inspired by 60s surf and psychedelic.
First of all, I love the sleeve artwork. If you’re a fan of rock/indie, then you’ll love this. This definitely grew on me the more times I listened to it. It’s quite different to what I usually listen to, but i’ve been enjoying it!
If you like Crosa Rosa, you might also like: The Wytches, Drenge.
5. Honey Lung
Side A: Something | Side B: End of Time
London-based Honey Lung have a fuzzy grunge sound, with a definite nostalgic vibe. End of Time was written to “make you feel like you’re fifteen again and listening to The Smashing Pumpkins for the first time.”
The songs really remind me of a hazy summer afternoon, and I can see myself sticking it on whilst out for a run in the car or something.
If you like Honey Lung, you might also like: Smashing Pumpkins
If you’re interested in signing up, the service bills you on the 4th of every month and you receive your vinyls by post around the second last week of the month.
I really enjoyed opening my vinyls this month, and i’m already looking forward to receiving March’s box. My favourite find was definitely Sports, I’ve already added so many of their songs to my March/April playlist.

What are your views?

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