Flying Vinyl: March 2017

I was so late in posting my February vinyl box that my March one has already arrived- sorry about that!

Only one box came this month (more on that later) but I still felt like a kid at Christmas.

1. Anteros

Side A: Drunk | Side B: Ring Ring

I was really excited opening the box and pulling out an Anteros vinyl first. As I mentioned in my last post, I went to see White Lies earlier in the month, and Anteros were the support act. I even managed to tear myself away from staring at front woman Laura Hayden’s amazing sparkly outfit for long enough to properly listen to their music- which is really good! I actually added Drunk to my playlist after hearing them live, so getting it on vinyl too was a definite bonus.
Anteros are definitely an upbeat indie-pop band, very accessible and catchy.
If you like Anteros, you might also like: Madonna, Haim
2. Her’s

Side A: Speed Racer | Side B: I’ll Try

I love the artwork on this. I know that’s not really relevant to the music, but I still love it, the squeeze tube writing is so retro!
Her’s are a self described “international supersonic spectral wave Liverpool band.” I’m not sure what exactly that entails, but they’re very beachy songs, very retro 50s inspired. As soon as I started playing Speed Racer, I immediately thought of The Beach Boys, but the vocals give me strong The Strokes vibes.

If you like Her’s, you might also like: Mac Demarco, Trudy & The Romance

3. Our Girl

Side A: Being Around/ No Big Deal | Side B: Sad Fuzz (Ty Segall cover)

The inclusion of Our Girl’s record marks Flying Vinyl’s first ever three-track release. The second project from The Big Moon’s guitarist, Soph Nathan, it includes two original songs, as well as a cover of Ty Segall’s song, Sad Fuzz.

There’s a lot of music going on in this one, which is a stark contrast to the singer’s relatively soft, hazy sounding voice. In a good way.

If you like Our Girl, you might also like: The Big Moon

4. Van Zeller

Side A: You Can’t Lose | Side B: All Or Nothing

Van Zeller- notoriously difficult to find on the internet, they’re not on Spotify, or Youtube. So if you like, you can listen to them on Soundcloud.

They’re very punk, with their catchy shouty-style of singing, paired with incredibly catchy riffs. I wasn’t sure punk would really be my kind of thing, but that’s the whole point of the Flying Vinyl subscription, to open your eyes to bands (or in this case genres) that you might never have listened to otherwise. So basically, I enjoyed this one even though I wasn’t sure I would. It’s nice to listen to something a bit different from the norm once in a while.

If you like Van Zeller, you might also like: The Amazons

5. Mantis Opera

Side A: Reykjavik | Side B: Sandcastle

I had no idea what to expect, but what I got still defied my expectations. For a start, Reykjavic is a whopping 7:18 long, and switches genres constantly. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool concept, but confusing. It goes from psychedelic synths, to standard guitar riffs, back to synth. I do really like his voice though, so the bits that are consistent genres for more than 20 seconds are great. Sandcastle makes more sense, and is a bit more ‘mainstream’ sounding, but still keeps those bursts of creativity which keep Mantis Opera sounding unique. I’ve definitely never heard another band doing the same thing. Very interesting.

If you like Mantis Opera, you might also like: Alt-J, Muse.

*Also, as I mentioned at the start of this post, last month I ordered two boxes from past months, so I will have archive posts going up on those sometime soon, as well as my regular monthly boxes.

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