Mornings: A Playlist

Today I thought I’d share some of my favourite songs to listen to first thing in the morning, because I’m not really a morning person, and sometimes you just need something chill and soft to listen to when you’ve just woken up. Or maybe that’s just me because i’m lazy. Grab a cup of tea and get your spotify open, get ready to start the day with my (no doubt depressing) playlist of the day.

Fourth of July – Sufjan Stevens

Make the most of your life, while it is rife, while it is light.
I really can’t overestimate my love for this song. From the album Carrie and Lowell, it was written about his mother after she died from cancer in 2012. Fourth of July is a truly heartbreaking song, but it’s also achingly beautiful.
I would highly recommend Sufjan, but especially Carrie and Lowell.

Last Story – James Vincent McMorrow

I swear to god, i’d run for you. You’d find me waiting, and we’d start over.
Honestly there’s at least three James Vincent McMorrow songs on my morning playlist, and that’s me holding myself back. His entire discography would be more than at home in my morning playlist.
Last Story is from his most recent album, We Move. Another stellar recommendation by the way, in case you were looking.
This Feeling – Alabama Shakes

See i’ve been having me a real good time, and it feels so nice to know i’m gonna be alright.
Brittany Howard has a fantastic voice, and ‘This Feeling’ has been a favourite of mine since the album ‘Sound and Colour’ was released in 2015. It’s quite soulful. It’s not Alabama Shakes most popular song, but it’s still unmistakably them, and great.
Flume – Bon Iver

Only love is all maroon.
I actually have quite a lot of Bon Iver songs on my playlist, as with James Vincent McMorrow, his entire back catalogue would fit perfectly with the aesthetic of this playlist. But Flume is one of my all time favourites. And as Bon Iver is one of my favourite artists, as you can imagine, there’s a lot of favourites in there. Do you think i’ve just written favourite enough times?
Musically beautiful, as with all Bon Iver songs.
 Reunion – The xx

I could stop dreaming and start believing in forever and ever and ever and ever again.
The xx are my ultimate chill music. If i’m trying to nap on a flight and I need to block out background noise with music, I listen to The xx. Not because they send me to sleep, but because their music is always consistently mellow. I don’t have to worry about the song changing to something really loud and scaring me awake, because they’re so consistent. I mean this in the best of ways, because The xx are another one of my favourite artists. You could substitute Reunion with any song from any of their albums and get the same result to be honest, but I just really like this one.
Looking For Signs – Leif Erikson

Does anybody feel it too, ’cause right now I don’t have a clue.
From my favourite ever Spotify playlist (May/June ’16), this has been one of my best Spotify Discover Weekly finds. Leif Erikson are woefully underrated. They’re relatively new, but I would encourage everyone to give them a listen. I find their music incredibly relaxing.
To Build A Home – The Cinematic Orchestra

This is a place where I don’t feel alone, this is a place where I feel at home.
I love the build up in this song. It’s piano backed, which is definitely something that helps me chill out. There’s something about piano music which really appeals to me, especially when I’m in the mood to listen to some chilled out music.
Heavy Weather – Billie Marten

Who cares if we’re under thunder showers, the rain is ours and we are lovers of heavy weather.
This song was written when Billie Marten was only 15. 15! Astounding. I remember listening to this when it premiered on Radio 1, and I looked it up as soon as I got out the car. It’s quite folk acoustic. Also, she has a really beautiful voice and it makes me a bit sad that I can’t sing to save my life.
Listen to the full playlist here.

What are your views?

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