Flying Vinyl: April 2017


I was so excited for this month’s Flying Vinyl box to arrive. A Transgressive takeover, all the music from this month’s box is by bands/artists signed to the Transgressive record label. And there’s some seriously good ones, let me tell you that.
Formed in 2004 and based in London, Transgressive has released, published, managed and collaborated with artists including Foals, Two Door Cinema Club, Flume, Regina Spektor and Mystery Jets. They currently work with many more artists.
Also as a bonus this month, we got sent stickers! I’m not sure where to put them as of yet, so if anyone has suggestions please let me know.
1. Marika Hackman
Side A: Boyfriend | Side B: AM
Marika Hackman’s music has changed quite considerably from her album We Slept at Last from 2015 to this. Where before her music was much more folk sounding, Boyfriend is much more grungy punk sounding.
The recognisable vocals are still there, but the music definitely has taken another direction. I really like it, it’s punchy.
If you like Marika Hackman, you might also like: The Big Moon, Laura Marling
2. Hippo Campus
Side A: Boyish | Side B: Way It Goes
Prior to receiving this month’s vinyl in the post, I already knew and liked both of these songs. I got invested in Boyish when it was released as a single last year, and from there have been gradually listening to the rest of Hippo Campus’ music.
Although their music is upbeat, it doesn’t play into an indie cliche. The band are from Minneapolis, however they sound quite at home amongst British indie rock bands. I also recommend South from their SOUTH EP.
If you like Hippo Campus, you might also like: Declan McKenna, Vampire Weekend
3. Gengahr
Side A: Dizzy Ghosts / Bathed in Light | Side B: Embers / She’s a Witch
This is Flying Vinyl’s first ever four track release. I was already familiar with She’s a Witch, which is a fantastic song, but I hadn’t heard any of the others.
The singer’s falsetto pairs well with the dreamy nature of a lot of Gengahr’s songs and the simplicity of the guitar and drums. Not to say that it’s not good because it’s more simple, but rather the opposite. It’s the kind of music that’s easy to stick on and chill out to.
If you like Gengahr, you might also like: Alt-J
4. Let’s Eat Grandma
Side A: Welcome to the Treehouse | Side B: Eat Shiitake Mushrooms (Wolf Alice Remix)
I’m always a fan of a weird name, and Let’s Eat Grandma is a fantastically weird name.
Their music is ambient, dreamy pop, with Kate Bush-esque vocals. I love the instrumental beginning of the original version of Eat Shiitake Mushrooms, the Wolf Alice remix brings more synth to the record, turning it almost into a techno take. Whereas Welcome to the Treehouse is a complete contrast, showing the multifaceted nature of the band.
If you like Let’s Eat Grandma, you might also like: Lykke Li, Kate Bush
5. Blaenavon
Side A: Orthodox Man | Side B: No One Else in Mind
I was surprised when I spotted this in the sneak preview Flying Vinyl posted of this month’s vinyl. I actually added Orthodox Man to my monthly playlist at the end of March, so unsurprisingly, I really like this one.
Again, this one is quite classic indie sounding musically, but the vocals really set Blaenavon apart. Orthodox Man has an incredibly catchy chorus, and No One Else in Mind is a pretty acoustic track.
If you like Blaenavon, you might also like: The Magic Gang

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