In The Spotlight: Currents by Tame Impala

My ‘In The Spotlight’ this week is dedicated to one of my all time favourite albums, by one of my favourite bands- Currents by Tame Impala.
Released in 2015, Currents is Tame Impala’s third studio album. It’s very psychedelic rock inspired, and I would say much more ‘dance’ like than the previous two albums, which were more alternative. The vinyl comes on two separate records, which is inconvenient for me as I already grumble when I have to get up and flip the side, but what can you do. (Listen to the MP3!! I hear shouts in the background.)

1. Let It Happen
2. Nangs
3. The Moment
4. Yes I’m Changing
5. Eventually
6. Gossip
7. The Less I Know The Better
8. Past Life
9. Disciples
10. ‘Cause I’m a Man
11. Reality in Motion
12. Love/Paranoia
13. New Person, Same Old Mistakes
Favourite song: The Less I Know The Better
Least favourite song: Gossip
As I mentioned, Currents is one of my all time favourite albums. I don’t actually have a least favourite song, but since Gossip is more of a filler, I’ve picked that.
The song that I listen to the most off the album actually changes depending on how I feel, some weeks all I listen to is Let it Happen, others I’ll be blasting New Person, Same Old Mistakes. It’s such a brilliant album that I doubt i’ll ever get sick of any of the songs.
Track by track:
Let It Happen
This is an absolutely fantastic opening track. I think it’s a perfect blend of all the songs on the album style wise. It’s got a lot of synth, a la songs like The Moment and The Less I Know The Better, but it’s also quite chill, and vocally more like New Person, Same Old Mistakes. It’s a great tie together, but it’s also absolutely fantastic in it’s own right, and definitely one of the highlights of the album.

Nangs is very trippy. There’s a lot of synth in this one. It’s short, and there’s not a lot of singing, but somehow i’m still into it.
The Moment
Ah, The Moment is one of my absolute favourites on the album. It’s just so cheery. Would definitely recommend giving this one a listen.
Yes I’m Changing
Not one I listen to that often. I feel like it’s quite a personal song. I do really like the lyrics though; “they say people never change, but that’s bullshit, they do.” Deep.
To me, this one always feels super psychedelic. I think it’s probably the verses. I do really like this one.

Gossip is really a filler track. As filler tracks go though, it’s definitely a funky one.
The Less I Know The Better
This was the first song I’d heard from Currents, and I instantly fell in love with it. It’s probably a good thing that I couldn’t link videos to this post, because the video for this song is both bizarre and slightly NSFW. It also includes a gorilla boyfriend- because as you do. Probably the most popular, and most cliche Tame Impala song to like, but it is my favourite.
Past Life
If you’re listening to this song via something with a lot of bass, this might hurt a bit. Or you might really love it, if that’s what you’re into. The verses are distorted speaking, but I love the singing in the chorus, even if the only thing really said in most of it is “from a past life.” Also, I can’t stop myself from saying ‘hello?’ in an Australian accent that would no doubt offend Australians everywhere.
Probably the most upbeat, cheery song on the album. An instant feel good tune, I’m constantly in awe of high Kevin can sing because I definitely could not reach notes even remotely that high.

‘Cause I’m a Man
Another one of my favourites. It’s just so ridiculously laid back. Very dreamy this one.
Reality in Motion
I’m aware that “I REALLY LIKE THIS ONE!” is getting a little repetitive now, but I honestly do just really like this one. It’s a bit less synth, a bit more instrumental than the others. Not instrumental as in without vocals, rather that you can hear a wider range of instruments in the song. If that makes sense at all.

This is actually one of the ones I listen to less often on the album, if i’m going to be be completely honest with you. I do love the lyrics though- “does it really fucking matter?” Great motto for life right there.
New Person, Same Old Mistakes
I always think that this song has a decidedly darker vibe to it than the rest of the album. Yes, Rihanna covered this song, and no, it’s definitely not better than the original.
Tame Impala sadly have a Vevo channel, which means I can’t actually embed any of their videos here, but if you want to check any of them out you can go here.
Instead, enjoy some lovely live videos of Kevin and co.

What are your views?

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