Top 10: May

It’s been such a long time since I wrote one of these posts, which has the added benefit of reducing the likelihood of me mentioning any of these songs before (she says).

Apparently i’ve been listening to a bizarre mix of music lately- so enjoy that.

Also- I’m aware it’s almost the end of June, i’m a bit behind.

1. Feel It Still – Portugal. The Man

I haven’t heard an awful lot of Portugal. The Man’s music, but clearly i’ve really been loving this particular song. I always find myself singing along every time it comes on.

2. Try a Little Tenderness – Otis Redding

This song is fantastic. It’s so soulful and ridiculously sing-a-long-able. Yes, I’ve probably just made up a word to describe it. It does remind me of Pretty In Pink, one of my favourite ever films, which is why I think I started listening to it this month, before I got hooked again. I would honestly recommend this to anyone. And the film- watch that too.

3. Rock The Boat – Hues Corporation

I won’t lie to you, I do absolutely love this song. It’s a 70s song, and everyone knows I love a bit of old music. It’s just so upbeat, how could you not like it?

4. SCREAM (feat. Aristophanes) – Grimes

I did mention that this month has been a bit of a bizarre mix of music. Basically when I first heard this song I wondered what on earth this song was all about. In case you’re also confused, it’s in mandarin. And if you watch the video, there is actually a translation of the lyrics, although they either don’t translate well, or are a bit dodgy. But it ended up being one of those songs that I kept listening to because I was so intrigued, and here we are. It’s even made a top 10.

5. Chateau Lobby #4 (In C For Two Virgins) – Father John Misty

Evidently when I said leaving so long between these top 10 monthly posts would stop me from having duplicates of songs was a total lie. In my defence, I’ve been listening to quite a lot of my ‘top songs of 2016’ Spotify generated playlist, and naturally this is on it, since I’m pretty sure I mentioned it in almost every month I did one of these for last year.

6. Oblivion – Grimes

Another Grimes song, because in case you haven’t noticed yet, I love Grimes. This one is much more normal, I promise. Well, normal for Grimes that is.

7. Cry To Me – Solomon Burke

I was listening to quite a lot of 60s music, and this one is definitely one of my favourites. I’ve always been quite obsessed with the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, and this is one of my favourites from that.

8. Amsterdam – Nothing But Thieves

I’m actually jetting off to Amsterdam at the end of this month, which has nothing to do with listening to this song, but it all feels relative. I really like Nothing But Thieves’ music, it kind of reminds me of the music I listened to when I was 17/18, but with a nod to what I generally listen to now. Anyway, this is a catchy one.

9. Getting You Off – Favoured Nations

I can’t link a video for this because there’s not one on Youtube apparently. So if you want to listen to it, here’s the album it’s on:

It’s not as bad as the name might suggest.

10. One Thousand Times – James Vincent McMorrow

Honestly it’s gotten to the point that every time I get hooked on another James Vincent McMorrow song I think to myself that this must be my favourite one off the album. With We Move, that’s happened so many times already that the entire album is basically now my favourite. But this is my most recent favourite, if you know what I mean.

What are your views?

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