What Emma Read: The Man In The High Castle by Phillip K. Dick


First impressions before reading the book

I actually picked this book from my kindle, pretty much at random. I originally thought it might be sci-fi for some reason, but after a quick Google search I realised it was actually alternative history based. I also knew it was an Amazon tv series, but I haven’t watched it, so I literally went into this blind. Completely blind.

The plot

There’s a couple of different strands to this book, the overarching theme is culture and race. It follows an alternate history where Germany won the war, and the western world is controlled by them and Japan. The story is told through a number of different characters, quite a few of which interlink. There’s an author that has written a book outlining an alternate history, where the Nazis lost, which provides interest to the characters throughout the book.

The characters

Like I mentioned, the book revolves round several ‘main’ characters. I couldn’t resonate with any of them, and I genuinely can’t even remember half of their stories, although I actually only finished reading the book last night.

Some of the characters often mentioned are Frank Frink, and his wife Juliana, Mr Tagomi, and Robert Childan. I couldn’t tell you much about any of them, or any of the other characters though.

Would I recommend it?

I really didn’t enjoy this. Normally i’m relatively into history novels, but not this one. I didn’t have a clue what was going on for most of it. I genuinely haven’t felt this negative about a book since I forced myself to read A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. Which is a shame, it’s definitely an interesting concept, but on this occasion the book just wasn’t for me. I probably wouldn’t rule out watching the TV series though, maybe having more visual stimulus will make more sense. I basically tried to get through it as fast as I could whilst still actually reading the book. That’s not to say that other people might not enjoy it, it gets a great rating on Goodreads, so I think i’m definitely in the minority here.


If you’d like to read the book for yourself, you can get it here.

I’m taking part in Goodreads reading challenge for 2017! My (optimistic) goal is to read 50 books this year. This was book number 9. Last year I only read 29, so I’m determined to do better this time. You can follow what i’m reading here.

What are your views?

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