What Emma Read: Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon


First impressions before reading the book

I’ve been watching quite a lot of ‘BookTube’ recently, and I’ve heard this mentioned so many times, so when I was in my local Tesco browsing the two for £7 section and noticed this was in it, I decided to pick it up. I didn’t actually really know anything about the book except that it explores a relationship, and that the main character can’t leave the house.

The plot

So the jist of the novel is that the main character, Madeline has spent basically her entire life in her house because she is allergic to everything and can’t go outside for fear that she might die, so her only view of the outside world is through her window. A new family moves in, with a son who she becomes quickly interested in. Because she can’t come outside, they quickly become friends on IM, but want more- it is a YA novel after all!

The characters

There’s various recurring characters in the novel, but Madeline and Olly are the two main characters, with Madeline’s mum and her nurse Carla being the next two big ones. Other characters include Olly’s family, Madeline’s tutors, another nurse and Olly’s friend but none of them play particularly large roles in the novel.

Would I recommend it?

I generally don’t pick up YA fiction anymore, as at almost 23 years old, I feel more drawn to adult books than I do YA, as they tend to revolve around teenagers, or often the supernatural, which I’m not that into in literature anymore. 16 year old Emma would be so disappointed in myself.

That being said, I did actually quite enjoy it. It was a good basis for a storyline, although some of the things that happened in the book were so farfetched, but if I explained what those were, it would be pretty spoiler-y. I also thought some of the interactions, especially at the end were pretty unrealistic. Especially between Madeline and her mum, and if you’ve read the book, you’ll know what I mean. When the major event in a plot happens, you expect a strong reaction to be evoked, and to influence that character’s thoughts and feelings, but it all seemed a bit sweeped under the rug, which I didn’t think was particularly relatable or realistic in terms of what an actual person would feel.

But anyway, I’d say if you were looking for an easy read and nothing too heavy, you could give this one a go.

I’m doing a Goodreads challenge this year where I try (and fail miserably) to read 50 books. Everything Everything was book number 10, which means I’m terribly behind. If you’d like to see what else i’ve been reading, you can find me here.

What are your views?

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