Prudence and The Crow – July 17

Earlier this month I decided to try something new that I had never tried before- book subscription boxes.

I do watch a fair amount of unboxings on Youtube, but most of the companies I often see tend to be US-based, and with me living in Scotland it’s not exactly ideal even if they do international shipping.

So when I stumbled across UK-based Prudence and the Crow, I immediately placed an order.

Before I get into the bag, I want to express how impressed I was with delivery time. I received an email when I was at work earlier today telling me that the book will start shipping today and should be with me by the end of the week (as it gets shipped on the 13th of every month) and when I came home it was already waiting for me. How fantastic is that?!


I opted to just order one month instead of setting up a monthly subscription, for the sole reason that I have a lot of unread books sitting in my room at the moment.

For £15 a month you pick from four different genres: classic fiction, science fiction, classic thriller or children’s. If you can’t decide, you can also opt for random.

I’ve been trying to read more classics recently so I went for classic fiction.

For your money you get a vintage book, a book bag to store it in, a library card and a few other surprises.


How absolutely adorable is that book bag? It’s right up my alley patternwise, and it’ll be really handy for taking books in my bag with me to work so they don’t get damaged.




As you can see, my surprises included some sweets (thankfully vegetarian!) a rainbow pencil, a piece of card which I will be using as a bookmark and a little paper bag.

My paper bag contained three postcards, which have book recommendations for July, Spring and Summer from Prudence and The Crow on the back.

I also got a little sticker to add to my book, and two retro tickets. If that wasn’t enough, I also got two tea bags from Taylors of Harrogate: green tea with strawberry and vanilla and green tea with delicate pear. As I’m obsessed with green tea and tea in general, I’m very excited to try these out!



The book I received this month is Agnes Grey by Anne Brontë. I was a little worried I would receive something I’ve already read but I needn’t have worried!

The back reads:

“‘The statistics touching lunatic asylums gives a frightful proportion of governesses in the list of the insane.’ wrote Fraser’s in 1844. ‘But has the whole life in home schoolrooms ever been investigated?'”

Drawing on her own experiences Anne Brontë wrote her first novel out of an urgent need to inform her contemporaries about the desperate position of unmarried, educated women driven to take up the only ‘respectable’ career open to them- that of a governess. Struggling with the monstrous Bloomfield children and then disdained in the superior Murray household, Agnes tells a story that is at once a compelling inside view of Victorian chauvinism and ruthless materialism and, according to George Moore, ‘the most perfect prose narrative in English literature.’

I’m actually currently reading Wuthering Heights by her sister Emily, so this will be a perfect tie in for once I’m finished with that one.

I can’t comment more on the book because I really don’t know anything about it, but I’m definitely interested in the plot and can’t wait to get to it.

Also, I love that there’s a name at the front of the book. Lindy Murphy- your book is in good hands!

It’s definitely opened my eyes up to subscribing in the future, once I’ve made my way through some of my TBR pile first!


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