Vicious by V.E Schwab: What Emma Read


Vicious is one of those books that I’ve heard so much about from quite a few people on the internet, but never got round to picking up despite the fact that it’s always raved about.

I used to be really into books with paranormal themes when I was a teenager, but I haven’t really delved into anything like that recently. Until now.

Vicious is split into chapters which jump backwards and forwards in time, often switching between college days, to a year ago, to present day.

It mostly follows two college roommates – Victor and Eli, who are medical students. As part of one of their classes, Eli decides that his thesis topic is going to be on the existence of EOs, or ExtraOrdinary humans. The original thesis discusses how an EO could possibly come into existence, however, the pair decide to go one step further and try to create EOs – using themselves as guinea pigs.

The two then embark on a mission to see if the thesis is correct, but with some unexpected consequences, including Victor getting put in prison and harbouring a 10 year grudge against former friend Eli, who has developed a holier than thou complex against his fellow EOs.

Of course, there’s other characters that are brought into the mix, including the sister combination of Sydney and Serena, and Mitch, who has his own odd power. Each character has their own interesting power, which brings an important plot point to the book. There’s not really many characters in the novel that are there for the sake of it, or don’t really contribute anything – especially the EOs.

It’s tinged with the supernatural, but it never felt forced, or cheap. I’ve read hundreds of supernatural novels, but I’m glad that V.E Schwab kept it quite scientific.

It’s an adult novel, but it’s an easy read. I flew through it, because I kept wanting to know what was happening.

I also thought it was a really interesting comment on what it means to be ‘good’ – and doing the right thing. Without going into spoilers, Eli acts on what he believes to be good, because he thinks is a good person, even if it means fundamentally going against the law and his own makeup. Victor is often painted as Eli’s opposite, and by definition ‘bad’, and some of his actions do mirror this, but you end up (or at least I did) championing for Victor, who is aiming to commit a ‘bad’ act. It’s an interesting mix.

I would recommend this forever. I am also very excited for the second book to come out, as Vicious is the first book in a duopoly, with the second called Vengeful.

I’m interested to know where the story will go now, especially considering the ending (which i’m obviously not going to spoil!)

I’ve been a bit absent over the past while, but I’ve got a couple of posts planned for the next few weeks so hopefully I can get back into the swing of things!

For some reason this post deleted itself from my blog, so have it again.


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