Friends recommend books to me

I”ve been inspired by a range of Youtube videos this past few months, both “…. picks my TBR” and trying a chapter of a couple of different books that have been recommended to you by friends.

I was originally going to do a read a chapter post but after I accidentally listened to over a quarter of the audiobook of Stoner, I thought I may as well just incorporate it into a TBR.

So without further ado, here’s my reading plans for the next while! I’ll post an update once I’ve finished reading them all. Pray to the motivation gods that I manage to do that before the year ends and I forget.

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov


Chosen by: Ana

You might be surprised that I haven’t actually already read Lolita, because it is a literary classic, and I’m usually all about those. I have actually picked it up several times, and I have an ebook of it, but for some reason I never managed to really get further than the first chapter or so.

I am determined to get through it finally this year, as I’ve never successfully made it past the third chapter. Can confirm that it is beautifully written however.


Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman


Chosen by: Jodie

I’ve actually had this sitting on my bookshelf for ages and haven’t picked it up yet despite everyone telling me to. Constantly. I’ve heard amazing things about it so I’m looking forward to giving it a bash.

It follows main character Eleanor, who lives a pretty standard life, albeit introverted and isolated. She ends up helping an elderly man alongside a man from her office, and the three develop a friendship, ultimately helping her to break her ways. It sounds really interesting, and I’m honestly really excited to read it – although I feel this way about 90% of the books I own if I’m being completely honest.

Glamorama by Bret Easton Ellis


Chosen by: Dale

I once picked Glamorama up in a bookstore and almost bought it, but put it back at the last moment and purchased Starter for Ten instead. I’ve read American Psycho, so i’m already familiar with Bret Easton Ellis, but this book is very different.

However, in true Bret Easton Ellis style, it aims to shock, with this novel taking on celebrity culture. I haven’t really read into this one, because I figured it would be better if I went into it not really knowing too much. This is the one I’ve noticed has a pretty big difference in ratings, with a lot of people loving it, and a lot of people hating it, so it’ll be interesting to see if I come down on one side or another.


Stoner by John Williams


Chosen by: Laura

I’ve actually already read this one, as I got it as last month’s audiobook, and read it last month. I mentioned it briefly in my May wrap up (yes, that is how long it’s taken me to actually finish and schedule this post) so I won’t go into it too much further now, but it basically follows Stoner’s life through relationships and his work as an English lecturer at the local university.


Keep your eyes peeled in a few months or so for the follow up to this piece, where i’ll talk about what I thought of the novels!


What are your views?

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