What’s on my kindle? Recent books


I feel that a lot of times I write about the books I’ve read in the past month I include an ebook, but I rarely ever haul books that I’ve bought electronically.

So today, I’m going to share a couple of the things that i’ve bought recently that I’m looking to get to as soon as I can.

I’ve inadvertently had a little break, but I am back with a number of posts so hopefully that will be the last intermittent posting for a while!


La Belle Sauvage (The Book of Dust) by Philip Pullman

I spoke about this when I was talking about the books I wanted to get to this month, but it’s also the one that I’ve just finished reading. (Spoiler: I really liked it)

It’s a prequel to the popular children’s book series His Dark Materials, which follows Lyra on her adventures. Philip Pullman went back to the series to tell the story of Lyra’s childhood, in this new series.

The Book of Dust follows a young boy called Malcolm, who meets Lyra as a baby, and takes an instant shine to her. There’s a number of people after her, and she’s kept hidden away in safety, until one day it’s up to Malcolm to make sure that she is safe, and that she doesn’t get into the hands of those who might cause her harm.



Fear by Bob Woodward

Now, normally I’m not the biggest fan of non-fiction, but I read snippets of it online and was immediately interested. In case the title doesn’t give it away, it follows Donald Trump, and his time in the White House so far.

Honestly I haven’t read up on this because I don’t want to go into this with any expectations, but if you haven’t read the ghosts section that was floating around online I highly recommend that you do.



Normal People by Sally Rooney

Normal people was one of the Man Booker Prize longlisted novels for this year, and came with a massive amount of acclaim before it was even released.

It’s about two people called Connell and Marianne, who grew up in the same rural town in Ireland. They both get accepted into university in Dublin, and a connection begins to grow between them.

To be honest, that’s all I know, and all I really care to know before reading, because I’d prefer to go into it blind. Hopefully it lives up to the hype!





The Midwich Cuckoos by John Wyndham

Sounding like a truly odd sci-fi mystery, I picked up The Midwich Cuckoos at random. It’s about a sleepy English village where a silver object falls from the sky and everyone falls unconscious. When they wake up, everything returns to normal pretty much, except that all of the women in the village are now pregnant. Surprise!

If you think that sounds odd, that’s because it does. It’s written by the same author as The Day of the Triffids, which is about a freak accident causing most of the population to go blind and walking carnivorous plants called Triffids stalking the human race.

From the book, I expect nothing less than a weird yet entertaining plot.


Putney by Sofka Zinovieff

Based in the 1970s, Putney follows a young girl who is dating a man 20 years older than her, in an illicit relationship. Meeting first when she was only a child, she becomes his muse, but nothing happens until several years later where he takes her to Greece to meet her parents.

If that’s not bad enough, it also follows her through drug abuse and recalling her childhood, which eventually leads her to confront the man who exploited her as a child.

Although I haven’t read it yet, I already think that it’s going to be both profound and disturbing, and I’m looking forward to picking it up.


Bad Apple by Zoje Stage

It’s really bad that I haven’t read this yet, because I was really looking forward to this one coming out. There was a bit of hype surrounding it online, but it’s called Baby Teeth in the U.S. Which by the way, is an infinitely better name than Bad Apple but ok.

It’s about this little girl who doesn’t speak, who is Daddy’s little girl and does no wrong in his eyes. Unbeknownst to him, her mum can see through her act, and as Dad keeps on going blind to her playing up, the mum begins to think that keeping her at home isn’t the greatest idea.

I’m still looking forward to this one, so I’m hoping to pick it up soon!



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