End of year reading wrap up statistics | 2019

Book year

It’s a new year, and a new decade! Which means that it’s time to look at my past year and review the different statistics based on my reading.

Each year, I look at a range of different statistics related to my reading, such as the number of books I’ve read, whether I made my Goodreads goal, how many each month, the gender of the authors, how many star ratings I gave out, the lot.

I’m going to be splitting this end of year look back into two different posts, this will purely be statistics based, while my next post will look at books separately, my favourites, my least favourite, shortest, longest etc, which should be coming tomorrow.

Books read

How many books have I read this year?

Starting with the main statistic, this year I absolutely smashed my Goodreads goal, which I’d set at 52. Each year since 2016 I’ve set the same goal, and I only met it last year at the end of the year.

However, this year I read 116 books, which is by far the most I’ve ever read in a year. I think a lot of that attributes to me reading rather than sitting watching TV, but I also started listening to more audiobooks as well on my commute to work and while I’m pottering about the house and I think that has also helped.

On average, I read about eight books a month, but there was quite a few months I went over that, hence the high total.

In total, that’s 36,858 pages for the year.



What’s my gender split?

Each year I aim to read a rough 50/50 split, which is usually fairly successful.

However, this year the vast majority of my books were from women, which wasn’t a conscious decision made. I did also start taking part in the Reading Women Challenge, but didn’t complete it, which might attribute to the higher than normal ratio of female to male authors.

I’ll continue to pick up books because they interest me, rather than because they fulfil a gender quota, so it’ll be interesting to see these statistics next year.



How am I reading my books?

One of my goals I set myself part of the way through the year last year was to read more from my physical TBR, the books that I’ve had accumulating on my shelves for the last few years.

Unfortunately I didn’t do as well as I hoped to, so I’ve placed myself on a ban (which I’ll talk about more in a future post.. spoilers!) which I’m hoping will help to shift some of the physical unread books I have.

In large, I still read predominantly physical books, and I’ve included a breakdown of the number that were from my owned TBR, and the ones I got out the library. Those are 34, and nine respectively. I did also get some audiobooks from the library, but I didn’t include them separately as there was only one or two.

As with previous years, I’ve really been enjoying audiobooks while I’m commuting. I also moved house twice last year, which might contribute to why the number is a lot higher than usual. In total, I listened to 33 audiobooks.

My e-books are usually a steadily high number, as I often read from my Kindle, especially when travelling, which is when I get through the highest volume of books. In total, I read 34 e-books.


Am I enjoying the books I’m reading?

According to Goodreads, my average rating for the year was 3.3 stars, which compares to 3.6 for 2018, 3.2 for 2017 and 3.3 for 2016.

Some of my books I don’t rate for various reasons, whether that’s I was really undecided, or it’s a memoir I wasn’t sure how to rate as I don’t love rating someone’s life, so I decided not to add them to this statistics.

I’m pretty happy with the number of four stars I gave out, but a little disappointed that I didn’t find more five star reads. I have discovered that I seem to rate non-fiction memoirs really highly, so I’m keen to explore more this year, and hopefully there will be more five stars on next year’s wrap up.


If you want to see how these stats compare to my mid-year wrap up, which I did in July this year, you can see it here.

Stick around for my next post, which will go into the books, what was my favourite, least favourite, longest, shortest, most popular etc.

What are your views?

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