A graphic novel haul: part two


I posted a few months ago about my first ever graphic novel haul, which is really the first time that I’ve ever taken an interest in reading those types of books.

However, I ended up hooked on them, which is why I have another couple to share with you today!

My preferences tend to be around memoirs or contemporary stories, but I’ve branched into horror as well (always one of my favourite genres).

It’s quite difficult to adequately describe a graphic novel, so this post is just a short one for today i’m afraid.

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February Wrap Up

It’s finally March, which means it’s time to chat about the books I’ve finished in the month of February.

I know I start basically all of my posts surprised about the date, but I’m very glad that we’re coming out of Winter- if you can call it that in Scotland, where it is almost always Winter. In fact, it has been snowing outside since Tuesday and everything in the area has basically ground to a halt. Happy Spring everyone!

I read quite a few books last month, mainly because they were all very short. Is that cheating? I guess it is a bit.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this month:

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A recent book haul


I’ve been on an absolute book buying spree this month. I actually had to cut back on how many books I included because this is actually only a small amount of the ones i’ve bought… oops.

Many of them I don’t actually know what they’re really about, as I prefer to go into novels blind, but I’ve tried to speak about the synopses the best I can at this stage!

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