Mid year reading wrap up + statistics | 2019


Hello! As always I am infinitely surprised that we have now officially passed six full months of the year.

However, that does mean it’s time to look at my statistics, how much I’ve been reading, when, and what I’ve been picking up.

I don’t normally do statistics in my wrap ups, but I always find them really interesting to see, so hopefully you feel the same way.

My reading goal for the year was 52, which I’ve already met, so I’m now informally aiming for 100.

A full list of all the books I’ve read and what I’ve rated them can be found on my Goodreads, which is linked in the sidebar to the right.

Let’s get mathematical.

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Mid year reading wrap up

This is going up rather late, but I thought it might be interesting to look at some quick statistics on my reading so far this month, as a mid-year reading wrap up.

From January until the end of June, I read 30 books, which I think is pretty respectable, and it means that I am on track to complete my 50 book challenge by the end of the year for once!

I’ve divided a couple of stats up by different categories, such as pages, gender, star rating etc.

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 17.30.04

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