What Emma Read: The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins


So i’ve decided that i’m going to start a new thing hopefully, where I read books and post my reviews on them once i’m done. One of my new year resolutions this year was to read a book a month, which I honestly haven’t been doing. I go through phases where I’ll read no books for four months, then i’ll read 6 all at once. So hopefully I can remember to write about them!

The first book i’ll be looking at is The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins. It’s going to be pretty brief, as I didn’t want to include any spoilers!

First Impressions before reading the book:

I know nothing about it except that people have been comparing it to Gone Girl, which I’ve read and liked so fingers crossed. I actually have the kindle version so I don’t have the physical book to look at, but going by the images of the cover I found on Google, it seems pretty ominous; “you don’t know her, but she knows you.” I’m really excited to start it actually.

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