Non-fiction November 2019 | TBR


Hello, it is away to be November tomorrow, which means that it’s time to take part in non-fiction November.

This is the first year I’ve ever taken part, I’m not normally one for a lot of non-fiction, but I thought it would give me a good opportunity to get through some of the books I’ve had on my shelves for ages.

I’m not going to be exclusively reading non-fiction, and I probably won’t be getting through all of these, but I wanted to share the ones I have on my shelf, and what I think I might get to at some point soon.

My favourites are memoirs, but I’ve tried to give myself a little bit of a range of things to read.

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My unread book shame | March reading plans


I’ve always known that my to be read pile – or more accurately, shelf – is getting way out of hand.

Recently I watched a heap of videos by Drinking by my Shelf on Youtube, where she has to balance the number of books on her TBR, so that the numbers always have to be the same, or -5.

In a bid to try and get my physical list down, I thought I’d take some inspiration from this and count the number of unread books on my own shelves, to make sure that my goal for the year was to get the total number down. I won’t be getting rid of a certain number of books every month, but I do hope to get the number on my TBR down.

At the time of writing this (which is a little bit in advance of it going up because I fancy myself organised), I have 112.

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September reading plan


Happy September! I can’t quite believe that it’s gotten to this point of year already, but here we are. I’ve got quite an ambitious plan of reading at least seven books this month, but I’m on holiday at the end of the month so I’m hoping that I can up that a little bit and maybe even finish my reading challenge!

I’ve really picked a lot of different things this month that are totally different to what I normally go for, so hopefully it all goes well.

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Prudence and The Crow – July 17

Earlier this month I decided to try something new that I had never tried before- book subscription boxes.

I do watch a fair amount of unboxings on Youtube, but most of the companies I often see tend to be US-based, and with me living in Scotland it’s not exactly ideal even if they do international shipping.

So when I stumbled across UK-based Prudence and the Crow, I immediately placed an order.

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