Travel diaries: New York


In March this year on my travels, I went back to New York for the third time.

As you can see from the above picture, the weather was…. interesting. I’ve been before at the end of November and in June but this trip it was pretty mild until it snowed consistently for pretty much a full 24 hours and shut everything. You could say a lot about Aberdeen, but it snows here and life goes on but everyone is late.

Unlike my other travel diaries posts, this is only going to be one day, as I didn’t do too many of the typical touristy things since I’ve done them twice before, and I also pretty much lost a day due to the snow.

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Travel Diaries: Brussels part two


Last week I wrote a little bit about my time in Brussels, in Belgium.

Today, I want to revisit the city, and speak a bit more about what I got up to while I was there.

In this one, I’ll speak a bit about the museums I went to, the chocolate I made and the beer and food on offer.

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Travel Diaries: Brussels part one


Welcome to the first instalment of my travel diaries series! I’m hoping to be putting up a post a week for the next few months or so which focus on my various travels this year.

I actually visited Brussels way back in February, to celebrate my friend’s birthday. Although I’ve been to Belgium before, I’ve never actually been to Brussels.

For the past few years I’ve been keeping a list of places in Europe that I’d like to visit, and this trip checked another one off my list.

We were there for four nights and five days, so I thought I’d share some photographs and roughly what I got up to whilst away!

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